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What the hater says : Episode 1 – Passing out Grammys like hotcakes…

This is a brand new category. It will present a discussion that I met during a counter with a Beyoncé hater. I think it’s very good, as fans, to know our “merchandise” and know how to use it. So here we are with the first episode of  “What the hater says“. The action has taken place on one of those types of videos posted on YouTube that are making comparations between “the divas”. The girl was a Janet Jackson fan, which made her angry on Beyoncé’s existence in the video for “Queen of Pop battle”.

Episode no. 1, titled Passing out Grammys like hotcakes…

Place : YouTube videos

Hater’s “problem” : “Beyoncé doesn’t deserve those Grammys; it’s very easy to take them nowadays and that’s the reason she has 16; these awards have no value.”

Post’s mission : to learn / help fans to handle similar situations.

Post’s “revelations” : Beyoncé does deserve her awards (arguments); unlinking the incorrect comparison made with Janet Jackson; the Grammy’s do have value.

 I’ve seen a comment that said : “Beyoncé is OVERRATED I don’t care what none of y’all say she’s overrated… Just because you have 16 grammy’s don’t make you the biggest artist in the world this generation is passing out grammys like hotcakes…it’s a shame and disgrace that REAL singers never got recognized and NEVER GOT A GRAMMY..cont”.

A smile shined on my face, and then, after some seconds, I started to clarify my mind. She wanted to suggest the idea that Beyoncé got all those awards because it is very easy nowadays to get them. From this it infers she believed that all of her awards have been taken with ease, hence the period of “nowadays” starts with year 2000 in her vision, because that’s the year when Beyoncé started winning Grammys. Then I picked her up and otherwise. Janet, who has released four studio albums since 2000, failed to take throughout the decade, with the same ease, even half of what Mrs. Knowles took in 2004. Let’s do a little comparison to Madonna, to eliminate the factor “Beyoncé had more promotion, was a newer and more contemporary artist than Janet, was more popular …”

I chose Madonna because she started her career in the same year with Janet and has an older age than Mrs. Jackson. So, Madonna, in the past ten years, was nominated at the Grammys 18 times, raising four awards. Janet was nominated only seven times, winning one trophy. These data show that Janet has had only 39% of Madonna’s nominations, and has won only 25% of Madonna’s Grammys. Why? This time there were the same conditions. Why was this happening? Madonna had higher intake for the awards that worth nothing? So back to the comparison that she have done between Beyoncé and Janet. Why didn’t Jackson got those trophies? After I told her all these, she replied me “okay..let me clear myself when I say now-a-days I mean in this generation like from 1990+ that’s what I meant.”. Well, well…so, according to her, some of the prizes that her idol took in the Nineties were also “given like hotcakes”? Then she stated : “there are a few people that had huge success bigger than beyonce has and they NEVER received a grammy in their career. 1) Jimi Hendrix, 2) Queen, 3) Diana Ross, and 4) Bob Marley”. If she previously said that nowadays meant 1990 –  present, then why did she jump in the 1959 – 1989 period? Through the comparation with these icons, it is understood that she claims that in their golden age the hotcakes were also very fashionable…I see the logic becomes a tricky thing when hate haunts us. Now, here are the clear answers :

Affirmation : “there are a few people who had huge success bigger than beyonce has and they NEVER received a grammy in their career. 1) Jimi Hendrix, 2) Queen, 3) Diana Ross, and 4) Bob Marley… this generation is passing out Grammys like hotcakes”

Answer : Grammy Awards were created to assess the artists with the greatest impact in the United States on each year (excluding the special/achievements ones). A Grammy Award is not given according to worldwide success, or status as a music legend. This makes her argumentation through those big name artists meaningless in this context. There are three types of artists.

1st : The ones that have become icons only because of their talent(s). They have no hits, or just a few, but they are known all over the world and they are respected. Some examples could be Ray Charles, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, Kate Bush, Elton John or even Tina Turner. There are no more than 5 worldwide hits from each of them, even less than that. They are those of whose work is only known integral and well understood by music listeners, by persons that appreciate music that’s not for the masses. They are recognized as music legends only because of their style, their impact on other artists (always quality artists) or of one of their few masterpieces, but surely for their natural endowment. They are usually on the soul, jazz, blues, country, classical or rock’n’roll genres.

2nd : The ones that are everywhere, that are having hits, concerts, popularity, sales, records, videos, promotion and all. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Rihanna and others. They are well known all over the world in their prime period, in one word, they are superstars. Some of them can be included on the first category, fact that makes them lasting even after their bodily dead. But most of them are having their time when they are very appreciated, which ends after their careers are over. They have #1s in over 20 countries, record-breaking concerts, and lots of expose. They fit, usually, the pop, R&B, dance and hip-hop styles.

3rd : This category is the smallest, because it contains those that are having both talent and superstar status. In this we can name as symbols Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. The genres they adopt are usually pop, R&B, with some soul, blues or funk influences.

 Affirmation :  “it’s a shame and disgrace that REAL singers never got recognized and NEVER GOT A GRAMMY”

Answer :  First of all I should explain some words. A singer is a person who sings, especially a trained or professional vocalist. Claiming that Beyoncé is not a great one reflects immaturity, not understanding in the field or simply too much hate to accept the reality. Talking about Grammys, 8 of 16 of her awards are for her vocal talent, meaning 50% of her total wins. I think the girl wanted to say artist, which consists in a person who works in one of the performing arts, as an actor, musician, or singer; a public performer. I clarified previously this subject. The Grammy Awards were created to assess the artists with the greatest impact in the United States on each year. I think I was very clear. And also, it depends on what each understands as being “real”.
Conclusion : When you meet with such situations that you know is saying something incoherent, and you’re sure that the correct version is yours, do not hesitate to speak your opinion politely and with good arguments!

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