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Celebrities on Beyoncé

I’ve always had the curiosity to find out what those who know Beyoncé think about her, especially the celebrities. Here are in the following lines some statements about the personality, talent and modesty of Mrs. Carter. I have to do more searching, because what you see below is just a small part of the declarations made ​​over the time, about Queen B. With time, if I will find other information, I promise you solemnly that I will complete the article!

“I am delighted that Beyoncé is continuing to support 46664, particularly as she gave so generously of her time last November when she joined me in Cape Town for ‘46664: The Concert. By pledging to donate part of her tour receipts to our campaign she is showing her commitment again. Her leadership, and the involvement of the people of America, is critical in our mission to raise global awareness of HIV/AIDS, as well as funds to help us support those affected by AIDS and prevent the further spread of HIV in Africa. I wish her well on the tour, and thank her and all the 46664 artists for their incredible continuing support.” – Nelson Mandela

“I often wonder why they don’t make artists like us any more. We’re the ones still out there, born on the road. The music industry has changed completely. There’s too much music now. I’d hate to be a singer starting out. You can only make money by touring, but you can only tour if you have a body of work, and that’s what all us oldies have got: a proper body of work. I look around and I don’t see anyone outstanding. It’s all changed. Back in the day, our job was being rock stars. If you looked back at the front pages of the tabloids in the Seventies, you wouldn’t see us on them. We didn’t have to deal with that instant fame; we just got on with the job. […] There are a few good ones about, but not many. Beyoncé is a class act.” – Rod Stewart

“These young ladies have just really empowered me for the 21st century. I mean, Miss Beyoncé doing ‘Sweet Love’ on her live video – I mean that just touches me. And just the support that these ladies give me is amazing. They just give me an energy that I didn’t know I would have right now.” – Anita Baker

 “In a world of divas and superstars, there is only one Beyoncé.” – Usher

 “She’s so kind. She is such a beautiful person, and I gotta tell you, I just adore her. I had kind of lost faith a little bit in meeting artists in the business — and then I met Beyoncé. She is a real, real woman.” – Lady Gaga 

“What I like about her is that she knows what she’s doing, she really did her homework and decided to stay elegant.” – Tina Turner

 “It was all the girls from Glee, and then Beyoncé, and Gwyneth – it was the most fabulous bathroom break ever! You know the thing in magazines where they say ‘Stars: They’re Like Us!’…Beyoncé is like us!” – Dianna Agron (Glee cast)

 “I’m a huge fan of Beyoncé, she’s incredible.” – Florence

 “I don’t really follow every new act – they come out constantly. There are so many, it’s often hard to keep track, and sometimes they’re here today and gone tomorrow. I admire my friends, like Beyoncé – people who seem destined to be doing this for a living with longevity.” – Mariah Carey

“She’s an incredible lady and I absolutely consider her a friend.” – Alicia Keys

“Beyoncé is the biggest star we’ve seen in 20 years.” – Simon Conwell

 “I would love to actually be able to meet her and be in the same space to really genuinely thank her and her team for the opportunity [to tour with her]. It’s kinda like being co-signed by someone who’s already legendary.” – Shontelle

 “Beyoncé is a genius and a perfectionist when it comes to her shows.” – Shontelle

 “She is the Queen. Epic. She embodies what I’d like to become as an artist because she’s not just beautiful on the outside. She is just a sweet, genuine person and really disciplined. A truly powerful woman. She’s works hard, has endless talent, and is really driven. That’s how I’d like to be. Women like Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, and Mary J. Blige who have overcome odds, but they remain strong and grounded.” – Shontelle

 “That is a damn fine song, the Beyoncé song … because it’s infectious.” Hanks said “Single Ladies” resonates with him because that’s what he told his wife, actress Rita Wilson, when they first met: “I’m gon’ put a ring on that finger. I’m gon’ take that thing home.” – Tom Hanks

 “Beyoncé! She’s my Queen” – Sia

 “She’s a true diva.” – Katy Perry 

“I feel like I’m at a point in my life right now where I could potentially stick around. I don’t feel like a diva, but I think diva is a great and powerful word in the sense of what Beyoncé makes it.” – Katy Perry

“[Beyoncé] is the greatest living artist we have to date!” – Kanye West

 “Beyonce is a great girl, so lovely and down to earth and talented. She’s definitely inspiring for females. […] I might go into acting like she did.” – Leona Lewis

“Oh my God! I just met Beyoncé again! And this time I didn’t cry. She listened to my songs. My heart is racing.” – Alexandra Burke

“I’ve never done a tour before, so I’m inspired by watching Michael Jackson’s tour This Is It and watching Beyoncé’s old tours.” – Alexandra Burke

 “Just her name alone defines greatness, right? That push that every woman wants to be… that driven. When I met her, she was a super sweetheart. The fact that she complimented me, I never forgot that. That stuck with me. […] That was something big for me.” – Nicki Minaj

 “I am obsessed with Beyoncé, I promise you. When I met her I turned into an absolute gabbling (chatting) fool; I was so embarrassed. She came to film the finale of X Factor, so I knew she was coming to sing with Alexandra Burke. I was watching rehearsals crying my eyes out because everything was coming to an end, Alexandra was incredible and then Beyoncé turned up. She didn’t have a scrap of make-up on, her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, she wore a plain white t-shirt and skinny jeans with heels, and she was unguarded and encouraging. […] So by the time it got me to meet her I had had a glass of wine, I was a mess from crying, and then I just gabbled (chatted) this whole load of rubbish: ‘you are what every woman should aspire to be, you are amazing, I love you!’. […] Her mum was there and she must have thought I was a weirdo. I wanted to be cool and all like, ‘Hi B, how’s it going?’ But oh no!” – Cheryl Cole

 “I studied Beyoncé a lot and her concerts for her kind of confidence… and I’m lucky that I know some singers in real life.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

 “I asked my two great singer friends Faith Hill and Beyoncé who are super successful on the level that Kelly Canter is supposed to be. I picked their brains and I watched them and watched their concerts and I really tried to get them. They were wonderful to me, so supportive. I could cry thinking about how incredible they were to me. You know, a good girlfriend is such a valuable thing, it really is, and they really stepped up to the plate for me.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

 “Beyoncé is the most talented human being on the planet. She has so much mastery over what she does. It’s not even confidence – it’s on a whole other level. It’s mind-blowing.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

“They are incredible people, very kind and generous. She’s amazing at everything. She’s so good it’s nauseating. She’s so perfect it’s hard to take!” – Gwyneth Paltrow

 “I want to be like Beyoncé. She is the ultimate woman. You look at her and you don’t think, I wonder what her personal life is like. You look at her and you go, That girl on the stage is a superstar. You don’t care about anything else; you only care about her music. So I would hope that would be me in the future.” – Miley Cyrus

“I’m scared of audiences. I don’t like touring.[…] I was about to meet Beyoncé and I had a full-blown anxiety attack. Then she popped in looking gorgeous, and said, ‘You’re amazing! When I listen to you I feel like I’m listening to God.’ When she later found herself on a balcony, crying hysterically, the singer asked herself,  ‘What would [Beyoncé’s alter ego] Sasha Fierce do?’ That’s when Sasha Carter [her alter ego] was born.” – Adele

“I am really excited to hear what she comes back with. She is an amazing artist and she kills it! No denying that!” – Christina Milian

“I have a lot of respect for her and I think she’s an amazing performer.[…] My inspiration came from people like, you know, Prince, Michael, of course, Janet and just a lot of those artists that have been there for so long, but watching them [Destiny’s Child] was definitely motivating.[…] They were more so of a confirmation for me knowing that that’s what I wanna to do.” – Ciara